Pet Luggage for Life

Lives are in our hands artBINDLE BUDDY BAG™ and BINDLE KITTY KIT™
Pet Evacuation and Travel Kits

If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets!

Prepare for the safety and welfare of your pets with pet evacuation and travel kits from All Things Bindle.

What All Things Bindle Does

All Things Bindle is focused on reducing the tragic number of pets abandoned during natural disasters or family emergencies, and increasing fundraising opportunities for animal rescue and humane groups.

How All Things Bindle Does It

All Things Bindle offers an affordable, easy-to-use pre-packed starter survival kit for dogs and cats so that no pet is ever left behind. Then every month, All Things Bindle donates a portion of its monthly sales to animal rescue and humane groups – our “BINDLE BUDDIES.”

Your Purchase Helps Local Rescue Organizations.

Your purchase can help raise funds for featured BINDLE BUDDY groups. You can nominate your favorite local animal rescue group by clicking here and filling out the form.